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Become a Salone Talk Independent Reseller

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Who is an Independent Reseller

An Independent Reseller can be a person, shop or business, that will buy and sell Salone Talk calling cards in bulk on a monthly basis.

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How does the program work

A Independent Reseller must purchase cards in advance and sell on to their customers. All cards are paid for upfront.

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Where to purchase cards

Independent Reseller must register and purchase cards online. Once all fees are paid the cards are dispatched to your registered location.

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What's in it for me

● Earn up to 10% commission.
● Sell to your existing contacts / clients.
● Easy purchasing for restocking.
● Support & marketing material provided.

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Register Now

To begin earning an additional and recurring income, register to become a Salone Talk Independent Reseller today.

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Other type of Reseller

If being an Independent Reseller is not the type of reseller you would like to be, take a look at our Web-Based Affiliate program.