• Dis Nar We Yone!!

Salone Talk has many unique
features that enhances
the calling experience.

Works with ANY Phone

Call from any phone including home, work office, mobile, or pay phones.

No Expiration on Credit

Keep your credit for as long as required. You will never lose your credit.

Competitive Rates

Cheaper than most mobile operators and calling cards.

PINless Dialing (Caller ID)

Register your home and mobile numbers to avoid having to enter your PIN at all times.

Speed Dial

Use speed dial for quick access to numbers you call regularly.

Direct Dials

Dial a local number and connect directly, avoid access numbers and PIN codes.

Credit Statement Notification

Receive email notification when your credit is running low.

Payment & Invoice History

Have visibility of all payments and monthly statements relating to your account.

Call History

A record of all calls made are stored for 12 months.

Free Activation

There are no setup fees and activation is quick.

Change Password

You will be able to change your password at any time.

Email Support

Our support team are here to help you,
email: support@salonetalk.com